Monday, November 2, 2009

Ty's Blessing Day

It won't let me delete this, so you get two!!

Thumbs up!!

Grandma and all her grandkids!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, it was a perfect day for Ty's blessing. Jared did such a good job with the blessing, and Ty was good to, and didn't cry! He's been such a good baby, it has been so fun to have him. I can't believe he's over a month old already, he is growing up way too fast! He looked so cute in his little suit yesterday. We just love having this little boy in our family!


Rachael said...

Your kids are beautiful! Your girls remind me of mine, maybe a year from now. They look similar. Congrats on the new little guy! Three is fun as can be once you get adjusted to a new baby again. Good luck with everything!

Cristi & McKay Morley said...

Thanks again for letting us take over your house. We had a lot of fun and I was so happy I get to finally meet Ty! Your kids are adorable, I love them!

Nat said...

Melissa, I loved catching up on everything! I have slacked on checking blogs for awhile, I have finally got mine up to date and now am catching up on everyone else. Your little guy is so adorable!!! I bet it is so fun having him around. I can't wait for my new little one to get here, just a few more days, yay! Your girls are getting so big and cute as ever! Glad all is going good for you guys and Ty looks so cute in his blessing suit. Congrats on everything! Love ya.

keep klein-man said...

Great pictures... I love the girls with him it looks so cute..

lizdye said...

I lost your blog somehow, and then yesterday I wanted to make your pull-pork recipie that you posted like 2 years ago. So LUCKILY I found you guys again. Congrats on your new baby, he is beautiful, I hope everything is going great with you guys. Danny was sad Jared couldnt be here for some mish. reunion, maybe next time. LIBBY.

Elizabeth said...

I am blog "stalking" you today- found your blog through someone else's :) The pictures are great- TY is such a handsome guy in his little tuxedo and the girls are adorable! Glad it was such a fun and special day

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